Lectures on Digital Humanities

The third lecture

Digital or experimental philology? A few methodological comments

Dr. hab. Maciej Eder
2 March 2018, 12 noon
Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Bibliotekoznawstwa UWr, pl. Uniwersytecki 9/13
Room 104

The subject of the lecture will be issues associated with statistical methods used in Digital Humanities with special focus on stylometry. The notions of authorial attribution, large-scale stylometry (distant reading) and sequential analysis will be introduced. The fundamental question arising from the presented topics will concern the reliability of the experiment: do results obtained from the automatic analysis of texts allow to draw general conclusions about literature? 

Dr hab. Maciej Eder, a graduate in Polish studies at the University of Wrocław, is the head of the Institute of Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences and a professor at the Institute of Polish Studies of the Pedagogical University of Cracow. For many years he researched old literature and was interested in editing (he edited, among other things, Andrzej Wolan’s De libertate politica and anonymous Rozmowy Salomona z Marchołtem); recently he has been particularly interested in issues of quantitative linguistics, including methodological assumptions underlying authorial attribution based on statistical measures. He is the vice chair of COST “Distant Reading”, a member of the editorial board of the journal Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, the main author of the programming library “stylo” aimed at stylometric research, a co-founder of the research group Computational Stylistics Group and a co-initiator of the cycle of lectures Lunch z Humanistyką Cyfrową (Lunch with Digital Humanities) at the Institute of Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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