Lectures on Digital Humanities

The eighth lecture

Annotation Pro - annotation and exploration of the annotation of speech recordings. Demonstration of the program's operation.

Dr. hab. Katarzyna Klessa 
24 Mai 2019, 1 pm
Instytut Informacji Naukowej i Bibliotekoznawstwa UWr,
pl. Uniwersytecki 9/13
Room 104


Annotation Pro (annotationpro.org) is a tool for creating multilayer, synchronized descriptions of speech recordings in the context of linguistic as well as paralinguistic features (e.g. emotions in speech). The programme enables the exploration and analysis of such descriptions by means of plugins. Thanks to the timestamp information of all segments, it is possible to generate automatically the durational and rhythmic characteristics of utterances, to analyze speaking rate variability or to identify the changes of temporal properties of utterances in the course of conversations. One of the most recently developed plugins is the ANNPRO module for automatic segmentation and transcription of speech. The module is available from the repository of CLARIN-PL (mowa.clarin-pl.eu/tools/annotationpro). It has been adjusted for off-line use, which is particularly important in the cases of dealing with sensitive data, not allowed for on-line processing. Annotation Pro supports data transfer from calculation spreadsheets, text files and from other tools for speech, gesture or mimicry annotation (e.g. Praat or ELAN). Its additional functionality is the perception test mode.

Dr hab. Katarzyna Klessa, an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She specializes in empirical linguistic research, usually based on corpus data. Her scientific interests focus on experimental phonetics and the study of linguistic and paralinguistic features in human communication (i.a. emotions in speech, a communicative alignment of interlocutors, relationships between speech prosody and gestures). For the purpose of such analyses, she has initiated the implementation of Annotation Pro (annotationpro.org), a freely available software tool for multilayer annotation of linguistic and paralinguistic features of speech. She has also been involved in creating linguistic databases and digital archives. She has participated in the design and implementation of languagesindanger.eu, a web-portal dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about endangered languages. She has contributed to the development of inne-jezyki.amu.edu.pl, an on-line archive: Poland's Linguistic Heritage Documentation Database for Endangered Languages.

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